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    Founder: Karen Griffith
    Karen established Griff's Golf League back in 1995; Karen organized a group of family and friends to form the league. She was responsible for reserving our position and tee times at Lakes of Taylor when the course opened its doors for the first time. Karen lived in Colorado until her passing in 2017. 29 years later Griff’s Golf League continues to enjoy the legacy Karen has left in our hands to preserve and carry on the spirit of great golfing with family and friends. All who golf on Griff’s Golf League should be grateful for all the hard work Karen put into developing this league to brand “Griff’s Golf League the Best League at Lakes of Taylor”.

    Our Team

    • President & Secretary:

      Terry & Lori O'Brien

      Terry & Lori work tirelessly organizing league members, rosters, schedules, results, and all other league activities. We should all be thankful that the two of them are extremely generous to sacrifice their time and efforts to make sure Griff’s Golf League remains the Best League at Lakes of Taylor.

    • Administrator:

      Jeffrey McEvoy

      All I can say is we're all blessed to have the Best League at Lakes of Taylor.

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    • Celeski, Corky
    • Chodzko, Tom
    • Cislo, Kelly
    • O'Brien, Jim
    • O'Brien, Mary B
    • Rader, Donna
    • Rader, Jeff
    • Ramm, Marlene
    • Roumayah, Nancy
    • Siemasz, Lori
    • Szczepanski, Peggy
    • Tehovnik, Mike
    • Willetts, Mark

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  • The Course (Next)

    Hole #1 - Par 4
    Handicap 5

    Hole #2 - Par 4
    Handicap 13

    Hole #3 - Par 3
    Handicap 15

    The starting hole requires a well-placed tee shot to avoid the large fairway bunker on the left. Most players will have a mid to long iron into this green that is protected by a bunker on the right, which guards against all approach shots from the right side of the fairway.

    The smart play on this hole is to hit your tee shot about 200 yards at the fairway bunker leaving a full swing into the unreceptive green. Longer players may be tempted to go for the green from the white tees since it is only 260 yards to carry the water.

    The longest par 3 on the course has a two tiered green. The ideal shot is a high left to right ball flight for pins on the lower tier, try to land the ball on the upper tier and allow it to release down the slope towards the pin. When the pin is on the upper tier avoid going long-left.

  • The Course (Next - Back)

    Hole #4 - Par 4
    Handicap 7

    Hole #5 - Par 3
    Handicap 17

    Hole #6 - Par 4
    Handicap 9

    The fourth hole is a dogleg left. There are two different plays off the tee; you can hit a 200-230 shot down the center of the fairway leaving about 160 yards to the green. Or, you can aim at the center of the trap, and carry at least 235 yards leaving about 100 yards into the green.

    This par 3 requires a well-planned shot, depending on the pin placement you may need to hit a draw or a cut. The green is guarded short-right and short-left by bunkers, there is also a large oak tree blocking the back right of the green for right to left ball flight.

    The sixth hole is intimidating because of the perception of a long carry which is actually only 130 yards. There is a fairway bunker on the left that long hitters will carry with ease only 210 yards.

  • The Course (Next - Back)

    Hole #7 - Par 4
    Handicap 11

    Hole #8 Par 5
    Handicap 1

    Hole #9 - Par 5
    Handicap 3

    Players will be faced with a tee shot over wetlands. There are wetlands down the entire right side just 10 yards from the edge of the fairway. The green is protected with a bunker short left, anything right of the green is probably in the wetlands.

    This hole requires a long tee shot to reach the blind corner of this dogleg right. Your second shot will need to carry over a creek which is not as far as it appears, only 100 yards from the 250 yard maker. When going for the green there are three traps that protect short and the entire right side of the green.

    Your tee shot on the ninth hole will have to carry a creek that cuts across the fairway. There are also three bunkers on the right side which require 250 yards to carry. The green has five traps short right. The best angle to leave for the third shot is from the left side of the fairway.

  • The Course (Next - Back)

    Hole #10 - Par 5
    Handicap 2

    Hole #11 - Par 3
    Handicap 18

    Hole #12 - Par 4
    Handicap 14

    This is the longest hole on the course; it takes two very well struck shots to reach in two. There is an earth bunker on the left of the landing zone off the tee, and two sand traps that protect the green. Other than the bunkers the only danger on this hole is the OB down the entire right side.

    This par three has a unique feature of two greens. The scorecard yardage is to the center of the mound in between the two greens. Avoid all three bunkers, they make this short par three almost impossible to par. If on the wrong green it’s best to take a drop and hit a pitch shot instead of putting across the ridge.

    The twelfth hole has OB down the entire right side as well. The best tee shot would be a cut that is started down the left side of the fairway that ends up center to right center of the fairway. There is a greenside bunker on the left that protects most back pins, the right side of the green slopes towards the fairway.

  • The Course (Next - Back)

    Hole #13 - Par 4
    Handicap 12

    Hole #14 - Par 4
    Handicap 8

    Hole #15 - Par 4
    Handicap 6

    Your tee shot is from an elevated tee down to a stadium style fairway. The hole plays longer from the left side of the fairway than the right. The green for the most part slopes towards the fairway and is tricky to read. The bunker short left usually should not come into play.

    This is the longest par 4 on the course; it requires a well hit tee shot. There is a lake down the right side. The front of the green is very hard to hold it slopes away from the fairway. With a large bunker on the right and a collection area on the left, it’s recommended to miss into the collection area.

    Another long par 4 with wetlands down the left side of the hole, there is an opening about 225 yards off the tee. The green is two tiered with the ridge running from the front right to the middle left, most shots landing on the upper tier will trickle to the left side of the green.

  • The Course (Back)

    Hole #16 - Par 4
    Handicap 10

    Hole #17 - Par 3
    Handicap 16

    Hole #18 - Par 5
    Handicap 4

    There is a small pot bunker on the right, about 250 yards from the tee. Most players aim at this bunker. Longer players may decide to keep the diver in the bag to stay short of the wetlands that come across the hole at 285 from the tee. There is a drop off on the left back side of the of the green.

    The signature hole at Lakes of Taylor is this long par 3. It's an impressive peninsula green with hazards on three sides. There is a bail out area to the left of the green, but it's a tough up and down. If your tee shot finds the water, use the drop area that plays about 80 yards.

    The eighteenth is a great finishing hole, there is trouble down both sides the entire length of the hole. There are two bunkers on the left, and water down the right. There is water just off the left side of the green and three traps. The back of the green has a ridge that runs from side to side.

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  • Since 1995, The Lakes of Taylor Golf Club has given the Taylor golf community the perfect place to satisfy all its needs. The Lakes of Taylor golf course provides a great place to challenge yourself or learn the game, to spend a wonderful time outdoors with your family, or to have a unique dining out experience or banquet venue.
    The Lakes of Taylor Golf Club is a par 72 championship course, and it spans a total of 7,028 yards from its longest tees. The course begins with the picturesque stadium hole, where golfers kick off from an elevated tee that plays between 435 and 332 total yards. What follows is a course that is both thought provoking and relaxing, perfect for challenging more experienced players and helping rookies relax as they learn and absorb this classic game.
    The Lakes of Taylor Golf Club has more to offer than a fantastic on-course experience. Our course also features all the top-tier amenities that have come to be expected at courses of this caliber. After your round, make sure to stop by The Lake House Grille, where you can unwind with a fantastic meal or drink of your choice. The Lake House Grille features a fantastic view, great food and a country club atmosphere at a price you can afford.